Services at Quimby Chadwick Designs range from full design make-overs and custom commissions to single consultations.

Applying the same expertise to projects large and small,
Alexandra is as equally skilled at decorating an entire home as she is at recommending minor tweaks to update the look of a single room. Whatever the project scope, she is always tuned in to a client's needs, preferences and lifestyle.
Known for her project management skills and accurate quotes, Alexandra is professional and a pleasure to work with.
"We moved into a new house after 37 years. It was a completely different style for us, very modern and open concept. Alex played a major role in the presentation of the house - what you see when you walk in the door. We were very pleased with the look, but the biggest thing for us was the working relationship. She was so easy to work with and things were always clear. We knew what it was going to cost and she kept to the schedule. Alex is not only exceptionally talented, she's reliable, organized and manages all aspects of a project just the way you'd expect "

- Don McDougall, Stratford, Ontario